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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday, February 13 - Racelle Rosett

Tonight on Bib, 8 PM on KPFK:  RACELLE ROSETT.  A special program tonight in an occasional series of performance editions of the show, part of my effort to present and collect work by area Southern California writers of short fiction I admire, on the only place on the radio – KPFK – where you will hear contemporary writing read.  So, tonight, reading a complete short story in one sitting, Racelle Rosett.  She is an award-winning television writer who’s lately received acclaim for her new collection, Moving Waters.  These are funny, smart and, yes, moving interconnected short stories about the members of a Hollywood Reform synagogue who discover the place and meaning of ritual in their lives.  Tonight she reads her short story “Shomer,” for you on Bibliocracy.  SPECIAL APPEAL FROM THE BIBLIOFELLA:  Next week the Spring 2013 fund drive begins. 

Please!  Pledge to Bibliocracy and receive a Local Writers Six-Pack, six books by six important, talented area fiction writers whose work I have recently shared on this show:  Dwight Yates, Gary Amdahl, Alisa Slaughter, Tod Goldberg, Diane Lefer and, yes, Racelle Rosett.  Receive their work (short story collections by each) as a big thank-you from me for a modest $75 pledge.  Bibliocracy pitches live next Wednesday night, but you let me know on this blog or via email, and I will take your pledge early, and thank you on air!  Thanks!

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