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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday, February 6 - The Rattling Wall

Tonight on Bibliocracy Radio, 8 PM on KPFK.  MICHELLE MEYERING, Editor of The Rattling Wall.  Discussion about the dearth of literary culture in Southern California annoys me, especially when I find that the complainers, lamenters or discussers haven’t lately read a book or collection by a deserving local or regional author, or purchased or subscribed to one of the dozens of excellent regional literary journals published here, from Riverside to Santa Monica, Beverly Hills to Pomona.  Tonight, a program dedicated to celebrating the third issue of a newish journal based in Southern California but with national ambitions and appeal, a chance to talk with its editor and one prominent contributor.  Michelle Meyering founded and edits The Rattling Wall which specializes in short fiction, travel essays and poetry, and is supported by the good folks at PEN Center USA.  The newest issue, number three, offers the occasion for me to welcome her back to Bibliocracy and hear a reading by DAVID ULIN, a contributor to the magazine and, of course, chief book reviewer over at a local downtown newspaper you may subscribe to – I do!  He reads his essay “Street, Haunting” in between talking with your humble host and his terrific guest.  Congratulations to Michelle and The Rattling Wall.  And to you, for buying a copy, subscribing, and listening to this show on the radio, online or as a free download.  You have excellent taste!  

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