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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday, February 20 - Spring Fund Drive Special

Tonight from 8-9 PM Lois Jones and I co-host a poetry and prose fundraising hour, live. Yes, it's Day Two of the Spring 2013 fund drive at the only station that matters, KPFK.  Community-supported anti-corporate alternative radio needs you, by definition.  Bibliocracy and Poets' Cafe and Why Poetry and Treasures of the West exist nowhere else, and consistently present the best in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, memoir, cultural criticism, history and more.

Call (818) 985-5735 at 8 PM and start us off strong on our goal of $2000 for the weekly Wednesday night literary arts hour.  Thank you gifts?  You bet.  Here's the deal for the prose crowd, though pledge big and get 'em both, poetry and fiction premiums.  Please let us thank you on air!

The Bibliocracy Six-Pack.  (Non-alcoholic, but plenty potent!):  A $75 donation, which includes your renewed voting membership in KPFK.  Six books by six important Southern California writers you should know about, in part because their work has been featured, boostered, talked about on Bibliocracy Radio and, mostly, because these are six of the best local authors anywhere.

Bibliocracy Radio $75 Six-Pack

Gary Amdahl, The Intimidator Still Lives in Our Hearts
Alisa Slaughter, Bad Habitats
Diane Lefer, California Transit
Tod Goldberg, Other Resort Cities
Racelle Rosett, Moving Waters
Dwight Yates, Bring Everybody

Thanks, friends.

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