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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wednesday, July 25 - More People's Guide to LA

Tonight at 8 PM on KPFK: A PEOPLE’S GUIDE TO LOS ANGELES - Part II Mr. Bib presents the second in my two-part conversation with the charming and talented editors of a book which seems to have been written exactly for us, the KPFK listener-sponsors who demand history with a more complete analysis than you get from most guides/travel books. It’s for books and history and politics-loving readers and activists of Los Angeles and the Southern California basin who’ve perhaps been waiting for a book that does for our social geography and history what this station’s politics and public affairs programmers do every single day. The editors of A People’s Guide to Los Angeles acknowledge the example of radical people’s historian Howard Zinn in their title, and bring the ethos of radical curiosity to their terrific and colorful book of stories and maps and photographs and archival images. It’s a combination revisionist history, radical guidebook, neighborhood tour and all-around must-have resource for anybody, everybody living, working in or visiting our fair, and often unfair region. I hope you heard last week’s Part I show. If not, download it free from the archives but tonight, through the magic of digital radio, I am back with two of the editors of A People’s Guide to Los Angeles --- in the studio – Laura Pulido – and on the telephone, Laura Barraclough. Thanks for listening.

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