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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wednesday, August 1 - Alisa Slaughter Reads

Tonight at 8 PM on KPFK, ALISA SLAUGHTER. It’s another special performance edition of Bibliocracy featuring a favorite local So Cal writer. Alisa Slaughter has published in several literary journals, including The Missouri Review, Natural Bridge and Maisonneuve. Slaughter teaches Creative Writing at the University of Redlands. This evening she reads a complete short story from a collection entitled Bad Habitats, many stories of which appeared originally in, yes, the Santa Monica Review. She describes the collection as “varieties of animal story, anthropomorphized morality and crypto-poltical tales.” Dig it!  The story read for us by the author, complete, in one sitting, is called “Raven, Foreclosed.” Thanks to Alisa Slaughter for coming in to Studio C to tape this one. Thanks to you for listening. Our SUMMER FUND DRIVE starts next week, your opportunity to support the literary arts on the radio, and the work of your “people-powered” anti-corporate alternative media community at KPFK. Listen to Bib on the radio or online or, later, as a free download from the station’s archives. Feel free to leave comments, and find me on Facebook.  Thanks to my new engineer, Ms. Season Cole.

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