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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wednesday, July 18 - People's Guide to LA

Tonight on Bibliocracy, 8 PM on KPFK: A PEOPLE’S GUIDE TO LOS ANGELES. It’s the first in a two-part conversation with the editors of a book dreamed up, researched, written and published, it seems, to fulfill the wishes, expectations, demands of exactly you listening tonight, the KPFK and books and history-loving readers and activists of Los Angeles and the Southern California basin. So don’t say the editors of A People’s Guide to Los Angeles never gave you anything. It’s here, courtesy the University of California Press, as a combination revisionist history, radical guidebook, neighborhood tour and all-around must-have resources for anybody, everybody, living, working in or visiting our fair, and often unfair region. With blurbs from grassroots scholars and activists Mike Davis and Madeline Janis, you likely won’t need any further encouragement to purchase this book or gift it to friends, but just in case, I am talking tonight about A People’s Guide to Los Angeles with two of its editors, one in the studio – Laura Pulido – and one by phone, Laura Barraclough. This book was a premium during our recent fund drive, and is an essential resource, not to mention a fun read. Thanks for listening, on the radio or online, and available as a download free for 90 days from the KPFK audio archives. Thanks to Stan Misraje, audio guru and engineer extraordinaire.

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