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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday, February 8 Fund Drive with Roy Zimmerman on Guitar and Vocals

Tonight at 8 PM, as usual, on community-supported KPFK in all of Southern California and beyond:  Two of my favorite things to do:  Listen to Roy Zimmerman and ask you to pledge during DAY TWO of our winter fund drive to probably the only station in So Cal that even plays the great Roy Zimmerman.  'Nuff said?  I'll play excerpts from my two-part show with Roy, my favorite topical singer-songwriter and pitch with Poet's Cafe host Lois P. Jones.  You will laugh, sing along and call (818) 985-5735 please.  Pledge at the $100 level and get a nifty premium package including Roy's newest CD, "You're Getting Sleepy."  Pledge at the $250 level and get even more stuff.  Give more and I will come over to your house, sing Roy Zimmerman songs and read a novel or nonfiction book of your choosing, and then do the dishes, too.  Be very nice to the volunteers who answer the phones at (818) 985-5735. Pledge using your credit card at (818) 985-5735 or online at for other station premiums.  Be generous.  Be a sport.  Be bold.  Support KPFK.  Thanks for listening, and pledging.  

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