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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday, February 1 Roy Zimmerman Pt. I

Wednesday, 8 PM on KPFK:  ROY ZIMMERMAN.  Tonight I hijack my own books show to bring you the first of a special two-part show in the tradition of the Army McCarthy Hearings, the space launch and Newt Gingrich leaving his ailing wife.  My very special guest tonight and next week, too, is an entertainer whose Wiki page distinguishes him from other Roy Zimmermans with the helpful parenthetical “satirist.”  He is a guy who should be a lot more well known, so that I am doing my part to proselytize tonight and next Wednesday, too and as needed (!) until Roy Zimmerman becomes what they call a household name, assuming your household is not already named Zimmerman.  Why a Lefty folksinger?  I maintain a playlist of favorite topical singer-songwriters and groups which includes Leon Rosselson, Tom Lehrer, Chumbawamba, Shel Silverstein and Alan Sherman for starters.  I also enjoy Gilbert and Sullivan, Phil Ochs, Berthold Brecht, and the San Francisco Mime Troupe.  Stuck in there on the shelf among those favorites are CDs by the Foreman and their one-time lead singer and songwriter, Roy Zimmerman, now a solo artist and entertainer.  His song lyrics are deadpan smart, politically angry and wise, wickedly funny, and rich in wordplay, all ingredients to delight the literary audience, and everybody else.  Roy Zimmerman’s website describes his oeuvre as “Funny songs about war, ignorance and greed.”  Listen and be delighted.  Visit his website:
Next week:  Part II with RZ.  

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