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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday, September 21 - Cleaning Nabokov's House


Wednesday night at 8 o’clock on KPFK 90.7 FM. My guest tonight is Leslie Daniels, a rebroadcast of a favorite show.  Her debut novel, Cleaning Nabokov’s House is built on an enviable writerly plot involving a variety of wish fulfillment and introduces one of the most delightful characters --- smart, sexy, literate and vulnerable --- you will ever meet. How, the novel asks, does our heroine --- a thoughtful if perhaps overly so! --- trusting American wife and mother lose her kids, find a long-lost Nabokov manuscript (or not), make new friends in an unfriendly town set against her by her ex-husband, establish a house of prostitution catering to women (!) and triumph over provincialism and paternalism to cook a nice bowl of pasta and perhaps even find love? Leslie Daniels’ short fiction has appeared widely. She is the author of a one-act play, and was for many years fiction editor at Green Mountains Review. This is one smart, funny (laugh out loud and cerebral), sexy novel. For more on Leslie Daniels see  Listen live on the radio or online, anytime. Downloadable for 90 days at the station website,

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