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Monday, September 12, 2011

Wednesday, 9/14 Freud's Blind Spot

Tonight on Bibliocracy, 8 PM on KPFK: Freud’s Blind Spot.  My guest Elisa Albert is a novelist and short story writer, but as she confesses, happily, in the Introduction to her latest book, being an editor of an anthology has allowed her to collect other peoples’ stories, garnering insight and strength.  The topic of Freud’s Blind Spot is siblings, about which one welcomes insight and strength regarding sisters and brothers in all their dependence, rivalry, confusion, devotion, with contributions from writers who bring wisdom, laughs, plenty of insecurity and doubt (and who doesn’t need more of those?) in 23 tough and honest, exuberant and funny takes on what the book’s subtitle calls “cherished, estranged, lost, hurtful, hopeful, complicated siblings.”   Contributors to Freud’s Blind Spot include Steve Almond (Rock & Roll Will Save Your Life; God Bless America) and Jill Soloway (Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants), who join us for today’s show with the book’s editor, Elisa Albert, herself the author of the story collection How This Night Is Different and the novel The Book of Dahlia.  Listen live on the radio in Southern California or online, anywhere in the world.  Or download, free for 90 days, from the KPFK station archives.  Thanks. 

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