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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday, October 6

Bib is off tonight for KPFK's fall 2010 fund drive pitching. Please note the terrific interviews and talks, lectures and other special programming offered these next 2-3 weeks...all meant to encourage your generous pledge. Call (818) 985-5735 to keep KPFK running. Listeners must certainly know that Your (Not Very) Humble Host does this show for free, no salary, no corporate Medici, no perks. My engineer, the wonderful Janine Ferguson, is a volunteer. The people who answer the phones are volunteers, listeners and subscribers like you. Bibliocracy Radio is one of only three community radio book shows in Southern California, this one with a focus on literary fiction and nonfiction, memoir, some poetry and a bit of cultural criticism thrown in. Scroll down and be impressed by recent shows and nearly 3 years of smart programming for people who read, and who like to hear conversation with writers, and reading by authors of excerpts from their work. Recent Bib guests have included journalist Bruce Watson, poet Sandra Beasley, novelist Michael Jaime-Becerra, philosopher Jack Bowen, short story writer Richard Wirick, rock and roll memoirist and bon vivant Steve Almond. Impressive huh? I am gratified that writers want to be on a radio show --- our radio show. I am proud of the diverse topics, guests I've presented. And looking forward to some great upcoming shows. So: pledge by telephone or online, anytime. Thank you! Best, the Bibliofella.

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