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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday, October 13 Fund Drive!

Bibliocracy Tonight: Surfing, James Baldwin, Fund Drive. Eclectic, huh? Please pledge at (818) 985-5735.

Tonight it's a special Fall 2010 fund drive edition of Bibliocracy Radio. I'll be on for a full hour, 8-9 pm, playing a taped show with author Peter Heller (Kook), below, and interrupting politely to ask you to pledge, puh-leeze! Special KPFK basic membership thank you gift available during this hour of Bib is a terrific 60-minute CD from the Pacifica Radio Archives "From the Vault" series featuring the great James Baldwin. Other "add-on" gifts include books by writers soon to appear on Bibliocracy, theater tickets and, naturally, a subscription to the Santa Monica Review. Call (818) 985-5735 from 8 - 9 pm or go online. Thanks for listening, and thanks for supporting Bibliocracy and the work of your kooky host!

Poet, adventure journalist, kayaker and eco-warrior, my guest today racked up some impressive credentials as a writer and activist. Yet Peter Heller still answered the call to make the most of a mid-life crisis: to learn how to surf at age fifty and, simultaneously, seriously court a woman as a possible life companion. You might have seen Peter Heller’s byline in Outside, National Geographic Adventure or read his previous work, The Whale Warriors, Hell or High Water, Set Free in China or heard his commentaries on NPR. After reading Kook: What Surfing Taught Me About Love, Life, and Catching the Perfect Wave, you’ll know him that much better, in this honest, vulnerable, exciting and completely satisfying memoir meets eco-group-help (not selfish "self-help") guide to finding his own life in the waves and the lives of others while working for life on our planet.

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