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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Monday, April 7 - poet Campbell McGrath

This week my guest is poet Campbell McGrath. His latest book of poems is a rich multi-form collection called Seven Notebooks which includes haiku and journal entries, Whitmanic prose poems, odes, homages to Neruda and Basho, nature poems, road poems, political and funny and personal work that is a record of the poet’s attention to the days and seasons of a year as he moves through them and from Chicago to New Jersey to Florida. McGrath is an acclaimed poet of humor and wit, famous for a documentarian deadpan perspective which engaged readers in his previous titles including: Capitalism, Pax Atomica, American Noise and Spring Comes to Chicago, with its unlikely and epic centerpiece poem on iconic film star and all-American/anti-Communist Bob Hope. McGrath’s newest volume assembles in a kind of poetic scrapbook album the events, geographies, themes of one year in the life of this wry, generous, exuberant observer of American culture and of the natural world.

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