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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Monday, April 14 - novelist Helena Viramontes

Join me Monday at noon for my interview of Helena Viramontes, author of the classic short story collection The Moths and a previous novel, Under the Feet of Jesus. She’ll read from and discuss her big, bold new novel Their Dogs Came with Them. From Booklist: “In episodic vignettes, Viramontes follows the daughter of street preachers who is still reeling from a vicious assault; an androgynous, homeless female gang member who has lost her way since her brother left to fight in Vietnam; a group of teenage girls who support each other emotionally as they attempt to navigate between the danger of the mean streets and the old-fashioned discipline of their immigrant relatives; and a young woman who spends all her spare cash and time trying to care for and keep tabs on her mentally ill brother…those who are up for the ride may find that her emotionally raw novel reads, at times, like a crash course in survival strategies for those immersed in the despair and violence of the inner city.”
For more, check out Dan Olivas’s interview with Viramontes at the excellent La Bloga:
And listen to Viramontes celebrated on another public radio books show:

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