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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wednesday, December 8 Winter Mini-Fund Drive

Tonight, 8 - 9 PM it's your chance to support Bibliocracy Radio and KPFK during our Winter Mini-Fund Drive. Join me and special guest The Adventures of Unemployed Man co-author Erich Origen (in photo). Along with Gan Golan, he's created the smartest, cleverest, funniest, most inspired comic book since, well, their last collaboration, the wonderful, charming and mean Goodnight Bush. This new full-color, illustrated socio-comic masterpiece is a parody of the classic superhero comics of the Golden Age to the present, and a brilliant dissection of our current economic meltdown. If you like The San Francisco Mime Troupe, Bertholt Brecht, alternative comics, Left/progressive economic analysis and funny pictures, then please call in to make a pledge tonight and ask for a copy as your thank you for supporting the singular community radio station in Southern California, and your favorite books show. (818) 985-5735.
Online anytime:

Pledge big and get the Bibliocracy Eclectic Readers' Pack, with fiction, nonfiction, poetry, comics and craft. Five (5) books including:

The Adventures of Unemployed Man by Erich Origen & Gan Golan
Bummer and Other Stories by Janice Shapiro
Irrepressible: The Life and Times of Jessica Mitford by Leslie Brody
Writers Workshop in a Box: The Squaw Valley Community of Writers on the Art of Fiction edited by Alan Cheuse & Lisa Alvarez

California Poetry: From the Gold Rush to the Present edited by Dana Gioia

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