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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wednesday, December 4 - Jerry Stahl

Tonight at 8 PM on Bibliocracy:  JERRY STAHL.  His many fans enjoy the challenge of describing the perverse pleasure of reading and envying the work of my guest tonight --- if not his life! --- fiction writer, screenwriter and memoirist Jerry Stahl.  Lydia Lunch calls his work “literary burlesque.”  It’s fun to try to characterize his singularly, manically engaged work: social commentary, drug culture confidential, adolescent coming-of-age, Hollywood inside scooper.  He’s a stand-up William Burroughs, a noir Don Dellilo, a Pynchonian fabulist whose sharp eye and dark wit convince and engage immediately.  See, it’s easy?  And fun.  I, by the way, like Nathaneal West meets Terry Southern, but then you don’t need to appreciate other iconic writers to appreciate this iconic writer.  Start anywhere and be introduced to the voice and composition and timing and humor which create and then repurpose satire for sincere autobiography, survival and, with the new novel, Happy Mutant Baby Pills, political critique and something perhaps even like hope.  JERRY STAHL has written widely, for television and for film, but you can read his fiction and nonfiction in the memoir Permanent Midnight, in the novels Perv and I, Fatty and in a short story collection, Love Without.  And it turns out he’s also KPFK listener-supporter, and has even gleefully sent up the station in the new book.  Don’t miss my half hour with one of my favorite writers.  Thanks for listening.  No Bibliocracy for the rest of December.  Instead, Fund Drive and a couple of holidays.  Back in January.  Listen live on the radio or online, and as a free download from the station’s audio archives, free for 90 days from broadcast. Thanks to engineer Stan Misraje.  Friend me and KPFK 90.7 FM on Facebook.

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