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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday, May 16 Pledge Drive, He Said!

Bibliocracy and Poets' Cafe share an hour tonight 8 - 9 PM.  Poets and KPFK alums WANDA COLEMAN (The World Falls Away) and AUSTIN STRAUS (Intensifications) join me to charm you into doing, well, you know the drill.  These two local legends - whose writing and activism supports KPFK and our community and the literary arts - urge you to do same.  Here's the number: (818) 985-5735.  Please call early.  Special premiums as thank yous.  This is not NPR.  It's not the LA Times.  It's not PBS.  It's us, friends.  We are all we've got, and the best of that!  Be proud of your pledge. Tell others.  Thank you for your support of Bibliocracy and the literary, cultural arts programs you hear only on listener-supported anti-corporate people's media.  "May I take your pledge"?

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