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Monday, April 2, 2012

Wednesday, April 4 - Gary Amdahl

Tonight on Bibliocracy, 8 PM:  GARY AMDAHL.   It’s springtime, and I’m featuring another a special performance edition of the program, part of a series of recordings of important local authors who’ve generously come into the KPFK studios to read.  Tonight, Gary Amdahl, author of the short story collection, Visigoth and of I am Death, two novellas, and the essays in A Motel of the Mind with Leslie Brody (Red Star Sister, Irrepressible).  The intense, layered, psychologically complex and language-celebrating prose of Gary Amdahl strikes you from the start of his work, but then the critical and historically-engaged plot and characterization reveal themselves, as he takes on violence, masculinity and politics through the perspective of characters struggling with, often enough, how to understand their own stories.  Darkly comic, enthusiastically digressive and richly detailed, Amdahl’s writing is, to use a purposefully seductive word, rewarding. The pleasure of reading and, tonight, hearing read (!) his individual sentences only accumulates and builds toward their cumulative and explosive conclusions.  Tonight, Amdahl reads his short story “The Breezeway” on Bibliocracy.  Here’s a short essay by Amdahl: Thanks for listening. 

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