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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday, August 31 - Susan Suntree

Tonight at 8 PM on Bibliocracy, my final vacation rerun, but one of the best shows I've done, thanks to a terrific guest writer. Susan Suntree, Sacred Sites: The Secret History of Southern California. When David Ulin at the LA Times mentioned earlier this year the pending arrival of what he predicted would be a landmark book about California native and natural history I didn’t realize he meant this one. It turns out I’d been lucky to have met the writer, performer and educator whose volume he was anticipating. So I am especially pleased to have an old friend and a well-known Southern California cultural and environmentalist in studio. Her name is Susan Suntree, and for many years her work has investigated the dynamics of science, art, and spirit in contemporary life and history. She is a poet and teacher, and author of Wisdom of the East: Stories of Compassion, Inspiration and Love. Susan Suntree is also founder and Artistic Director of Theatre Flux which has produced many of her performances and plays. Her one-woman performance of “The Secret History of Southern California,” a kind of epic poem-lecture-celebration is now indeed a remarkable and landmark book, one which all Southern Californians will want to own. Sacred Sites: The Secret History of Southern California explores the prehistory and sacred geography of Los Angeles. With remarkable photos and a foreword by poet Gary Synder, Sacred Sites is part science and part mythology, an accessible, if also comprehensive history valuable to both scholars and general audiences. Susan Suntree founded FrogWorks, an eco-political street theater troupe, and is co-director of Earth Water Air Los Angeles, a giant puppet trek connecting and telling the story of endangered open spaces. When not writing and performing, she teaches at East Los Angeles College. For more on the books, see

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