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Monday, June 27, 2011

Wednesday, June 29 - Brooke "On the Media" Gladstone

Wednesday night at 8 o’clock on 90.7 FM, KPFK: Brooke “On the Media” Gladstone. I love smart comics, from How to Read Donald Duck to A People’s History of American Empire. How about a comic book offering a history of and an analysis of the mainstream media? Why not? Its author, along with artist Josh Neufeld, is co-host of one of NPR’s very best programs, called in fact “On the Media.” She is of course Brooke Gladstone who, along with co-host Bob Garfield chaperone, goad, explain to and entertain this radio geek and amateur media activist for a full hour every Sunday afternoon with their fine media analysis program (locally on KPCC). Now Gladstone has indeed written a graphic guidebook, history lesson and philosophical call to brains as regards a topic very dear to the hearts and minds of Pacifica listeners. In her new The Influencing Machine, she takes the long view, arguing that the media have always been something that we, citizens, consumers and, yes, activists could control, perhaps should control, are responsible for even as everybody complains about it. Brooke Gladstone has served as NPR’s media correspondent, Russia reporter, won every award there is. She chats with me and reads from The Influencing Machine this week on Bibliocracy.

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