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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday, April 6 - novelist Meg Wolitzer

Tonight at 8 PM on Bibliocracy, novelist Meg Wolitzer. The power of a classical Greek drama challenges the contentment of the seemingly most loving and contented couple ever in a novel about an American town where contentment and expectation have become perhaps too much taken for granted. In her newest book, The Uncoupling, novelist Meg Wolitzer somehow makes relative and ordinary and easily believable the extraordinary spell cast on her characters: The magic that is the novel’s conceit is as reasonable as these characters’ everyday bewitching by other elements of our lives: language, war, technology, work, school. In The Uncoupling, the reliably wonderful Meg Wolitzer once again takes apart the assumptions of domesticity, here the intimate lives of our uncoupled couple, a town, its children and the shared stories by which they have agreed to live. The social contract and sexual politics of our moment, the way we behave in love and family, is the subject of this daring, sexy and funny book. Meg Wolitzer is the author of many novels including Surrender, Dorothy (made into a film) The Wife, The Position, and The Ten-Year Nap, which she talked about and read from on this program two years ago. Meg Wolitzer is one of my own favorite writers. Listen live on the radio or online, or download for free for 90 days from station site. Thanks.

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