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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wed, March 16 James Brown

Wednesday at 8 PM on KPFK: This River. Personal essays by James Brown. Negotiating the territory of personal crisis is often disappointingly sensationalistic or maudlin rehash, with a trip to rehab often a visit to the land of cliché. But the insightful and honest meet the literary in James Brown’s elegantly straightforward if also meticulously crafted short autobiographical pieces, many originally appearing in literary magazines and newspapers including the Los Angeles Times Magazine, GQ and the Best American Sports Writing. They are assembled now in This River. His earlier collection, the acclaimed The Los Angeles Diaries, also explored the struggle of living sober and, as he puts it, “straight and true,” as against the legacy of a damaged childhood and more loss than one person should have to handle. James Brown is the author of the novel Lucky Town and four earlier books and teaches at Cal State Bernardino. Thanks for listening. Available as a download, free, for ninety days at the station archives.

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