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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday, January 26 - novelist Mark Childress

Tonight at 8 PM on Bibliocracy: My special guest this week is novelist Mark Childress, who consistently finds news ways to send up what is old and familiar, that human longing and need for love, our collected failures in history and politics, our hypocrisy, and make it all --- big and small --- funny and urgent and instructive. He always accomplishes this through, naturally, the creation of memorable characters settings, not to mention satisfyingly surprising plots. In his newest novel, Georgia Bottoms we are introduced to a sexy, scheming, strong and singular woman whose duplicity is carefully managed toward achieving some bit of security in a small town in Alabama where just surviving might be the most some might hope for. Always empathetic, always funny, a master of the setup and a writer whose eye for detail and ear for conversation is always spot-on accurate, Mark Childress is the author of seven novels, most recently Crazy in Alabama, Gone for Good and One Mississippi. His articles and reviews have appeared widely, and his books have been bestsellers translated into many languages. He wrote the screenplay for the film of Crazy in Alabama, directed by Antonio Banderas and starring Melanie Griffith. A careful portrayer and enthusiastic celebrator of human foibles, he is one of the funniest writers you can read, and smartest too.

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