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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wednesday, September 15 - 8 PM

Bibliocracy moves to a new broadcast time for the month of September: Wednesdays, at 8 PM. This week’s author is a return guest. One hundred and fifty years ago Anthony Trollope wrote a scathing social satire of political, financial, corporate scandal, The Way We Live Now. Today novelist Janelle Brown brings us This is Where We Live, a quieter, yet equally devastating story of the personal truth learned and consequences endured surrounding the mortgage loan crisis in Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California, USA. Witty and empathetic social realism, humor, careful observation of everyday life and its carefully contrived expectations --- these are the skills Janelle Brown brings to her second novel about how easily-recognized educated, talented, troubled Americans live and struggle, succeed and fail. She takes on Hollywood, real estate, private school, rock’n’roll and other class-based fantasies so easily taken for granted. Janelle Brown is the author of the bestselling All We Ever Wanted Was Everything and has written for Salon, the New York Times, Wired and Elle. Thanks for listening, and stayed tuned for further programming changes. See the station website for news. And please remember Bibliocracy when it’s time to pledge during the upcoming fall fund drive.

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