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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wednesday, July 14 - Steve Almond

Wednesday at 2:30 PM from the strongest, loudest, head-bangin’-est community radio station in the world…ladies and gentlemen, Steve Almond. Of course you know his work, and if you don’t, well, pretend to. And then become an instant fan. Almond is a funny, smart social commentator, whose clever short stories and novel have made him a popular and famous writer-personality-bon vivant and, because his writing is so sharp and engaging, a force for literary good too. Almond is author, most recently of (Not that You Asked), the nonfiction Candyfreak, a groundbreaking short story collection or two, and a novel. He’ll read from and talk about his latest project, Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life, charting his life as a Drooling Fan and critic of music, musicians and rock’n’roll. He’s created a website with music (Bitchin’ Soundtrack) and you can watch him read a hilarious excerpt (Video) to a grateful audience at Thanks for listening, on the radio, online or later, archived.

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