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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wednesday, May 19 Mini-Fund Drive

No Bib this week. Instead, please pledge big-time to support the work of your favorite bibliofella, the authors I've brought to the show, and the only non-corporate people's community radio station in Southern California. I know, it's a hobby among listener-sponsors to critique and evaluate and sometimes complain about our (!) station, but consider: KPFK is the only station in Southern California with a poetry show, a disability awareness show, a children's story and song show, programming by and about GLBT activists, not to mention the very best in public affairs and music and media analysis, not to mention the amazing Pacifica Archives. (I love to mention all of it, over and over again!) So, please, pledge your little hearts out, friends. Mention Bibliocracy, yes, do, sure, why not? This show is one where you hear writers read their own work, in extended performance of excerpts from novels, nonfiction, criticism, history, memoir, poetry and short stories. Scroll down to be helpfully reminded of the terrific artists you've heard on Bibliocracy. Thanks! --- at

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