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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wednesday, March 24 - Chris Bachelder

Wednesday at 2:30 on KPFK. Today I booster a novel I admire a whole lot, and talk to its author, of whom I am a big fan. If I had a list of recent favorite books (and, of course, I do!) , Chris Bachelder’s two novels would both be on it. His first, Bear v. Shark, established Bachelder's voice and energy in a satirical and funny documentary style which took apart the Society of the Spectacle, the alienation of the virtual and commercial life of our weird nation. His 2006 novel U.S. for, yes, United States, but mostly for Upton Sinclair, brought the muckraking and often underestimated literary icon of leftist reform (and California gubernatorial candidate --- who lost, of course) back to life in each chapter, only to find him murdered by a new generation of reactionaries. So, to celebrate the work of a writer for whom I think KPFK listeners especially will find an affinity, and whose writing just makes me a very happy bibliofella, I am pleased to present novelist Chris Bachelder on Bibliocracy Radio. And, lucky us, he also reads from brand new work toward the end of the program. Listen live on the radio or online. Download, free for 90 days from the KPFK archives. And find me now on Facebook. Thanks for listening.

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