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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Monday, March 9 - J. Robert Lennon on Castle

Today it's my joy to speak with one of my very favorite writers, and to share his work with you. My guest is J. Robert Lennon, author of The Light of Falling Stars and The Funnies and, among other novels and stories, Mailman, about a truly nutty mailman, and of a political-cultural satire too hot for a publisher --- so that Harper’s magazine serialized it, Happyland it was called. Lennon’s new offering is Castle, about which I will speak to him, and from which he will read. Lucky us! Lennon is also a musician and composer and photographer, and teaches at Cornell University. About Mailman David Henderson of Library Journal wrote: "Like Joseph Heller's John Yossarian and Ken Kesey's Randle McMurphy, Alfred Lippincott, Lennon's titular mailman, is destined to become one of the great characters in American literature... This is black comedy at its best." Kathryn Davis says of Castle: “This strange visionary novel takes on no less harrowing a subject than the wages of Terror on the ordinary human psyche. Even as your sense of complicity builds, you can’t stop turning the pages.” Castle is a Gothic, a political allegory about the War on Terror, a strange and funny book, one of my absolute favorites this year. For more on the work of this amazing writer, go to --- right away, please! Listen Monday at noon on Pacifica Radio 90.7 FM or online. Archived and available for ninety days at the station's website.
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