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Sunday, October 5, 2008

KPFK Fund Drive October 6-24

Friends, fans, supporters of Bibliocracy: Radio KPFK, the only alternative non-commercial community radio station in Southern California, begins its nearly three-week long fall fund drive on Monday, October 6, ending October 24. The fund drive will pre-empt broadcast of your favorite weekly literary arts show. Don’t fret. I’ll be back soon with interviews of Ron Koertge, Larry Beinhart, Jonathan Miles, Paul Buhle and the amazing Terry Tempest Williams.
Damn, I’m good!
If you appreciate the show --- and my own totally volunteered work doing it --- and value the work of writers and discussion of the best of current literary arts, please subscribe, big-time. If you need to be reminded of how impressive has been my lineup of writers, scroll down: Al Young, Jim Houston, Campbell McGrath, Paul Auster, Jim Krusoe, Katha Pollitt, Susan Jacoby...

You can call the station at (818) 985-5735 or donate online, and choose from dozens of terrific thank-you pledge premiums.
And when you do, mention “Bibliocracy” to the volunteer phone answerer. You might also send a written note to management with your big check. Or send an email praising the program and the terrificness of your (not very) humble host to
Go to the station’s website to pledge, pledge, pledge.
You can also visit the station’s archives to hear past programs.
Thanks very much,
Andrew aka “The Bibliofella”

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Ben said...

Hello there. I am trying to reach one Andrew Tonkavich. My name's Ben Slotky and he has published several of my short stories in the SMR. Now, I have a book coming out in from Chiasmus Press, a glorious book, a book of short stories. It is called Red Hot Dogs, White Gravy. It is hilarious and glorious and I would like it if Andrew would read some of it and then maybe write a glorious and hilarious blurb for it. I already have two blurbs one from Curtis White and one from Peter Mulvey. Please let me know immediately, as this book will be published w/in the hour (not really.)
Andrew? You can reach me at Please do.