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Friday, May 23, 2008

Monday, June 2 - Jim Krusoe, Girl Factory

Jim Krusoe is author of five books of poetry, a short story collection and two novels. He’s a teacher at Santa Monica College, and mentor to scores of serious creative writers who’ve joined his workshops there, including me, and at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Foundation in Venice, which he co-founded. Krusoe’s funny, smart new novel Girl Factory finds us in an everyday dream world where the confused anti-hero joins an Extinction Club, rescues a dog too smart for its own good, and works in a yogurt shop ("Mr. Twisty's"!) where he discovers in its basement a naked woman who may be his ex-girlfriend, kept in suspended animation in a vat of, yes, acidopholus. Think: Franz Kafka, James Thurber, Donald Barthelme, Kurt Vonnegut. For social allegory, absurdist cartoon baroque and the deadpan existentialism of American life and idiom, you won’t hear better than Jim Krusoe. If you miss it, you can listen to this show and others anytime via KPFK archives or download it to your tiny portable electronic machine.

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