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Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday, April 28 - Love You to Pieces

Today on Bibliocracy we’ll speak with the editor of and contributors to a remarkable new collection called Love You to Pieces: Creative Writers on Raising a Child with Special Needs. These are real stories by real witers, a literary anthology of careful and elegant fiction and nonfiction by established authors and new voices. Today we’ll meet three of those writers, parents of so-called special needs or “disabled” children. My guests are the editor of Love You to Pieces, Suzanne Kamata, and contributors Vicki Forman, recent winner of the Bakeless Prize for her collection Coming to Samsara and Michael Berube, author of many books including What’s Liberal About the Liberal Arts?: Classroom Politics and “Bias” in Higher Education and Life As We Know It: A Father, A Family and an Exceptional Child. Berube also ran until recently one of the best blogs on education and politics, indeed, one of the best blogs on anything, and KPFK listeners might recognize him as not just the target of rightwing attacks on academics but somebody who fought back when demogogue David Horowitz included him as one of the most dangerous academics in America. "Love You To Pieces is a unique reading experience: raw, moving, provocative and compelling. The stories are beautifully told, from many different backgrounds and perspectives, but taken together share a common and ultimately triumphant connecting thread: love conquers all." —Daniel Tammet, author of Born On A Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant.

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