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Friday, March 7, 2008

Monday, March 10 - Diane Lefer

Today's guest at noon is Diane Lefer, playwright, short story writer, novelist and activist. Her most recent collection, California Transit, won the Mary McCarthy prize, judged by Carole Maso. About the collection Maso wrote: "From the world that could not be saved, [Lefer] salvages small, strange stuff and assembles it into a narrative of alarming beauty and mystery and sadness.....we follow her anywhere...a rigorous and passionate inquiry of the highest order." She is the author of two previous short story collections, The Circles I Move In and Very Much Like Desire, as well as a novel, Radiant Hunger. Lately, Lefer has appeared at readings and in public dressed in an orange jumpsuit a la Guantanamo prisoners. A more engaged human being, inspired activist and amazing writer you are unlikely to meet or read or hear. Many of her stories have appeared in Santa Monica Review, and she reads at an upcoming 20th Anniversary benefit for the magazine on April 18 at the Madison campus "Second Space" theater. See SMR's page on the college website for more information on that event.

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